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About PhilNITS

Vision & Goal

PhilNITS Vision:

-To make the Philippines an Industry Leader in IT and IT-enabled services



To attain excellence in Information Technology through the development of Certified I.T. Professionals adhering to recognized world standards


To develop our country’s human resource to sustain the I.T. industry


To accelerate economic development through the massive deployment here and abroad of our highly trained knowledge workers 




To establish an internationally recognized and accepted standard with which to measure the competency level of IT Engineers/Professionals in the country and have it adopted and implemented nationwide by Industry, Government and Academe in their selection process


To develop a workforce of Certified IT Professionals that are qualified and eligible for work not only in Japanese companies here and abroad but also in multinational companies anywhere in the world. 

To help in establishing a strong middle class of qualified Filipino IT Professionals in the Academe, the Industry and Government, with good and moral work ethics, who will bring the country out of the quagmire of poverty.


To establish world leadership in I. T.